Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art Linkletter's Daughter Jumped to Her Death While Tripping

The Legend: Art Linkletter, well-known TV personality, lost his daughter when she jumped out of a window thinking she could fly while on an LSD trip.

Status: False


It is true that Diane Linkletter died October 4, 1969, after jumping from her sixth-floor kitchen window. Art Linkletter himself made public statements that, "A bad LSD trip," led to his daughter's fatal jump. He later became an activist in the war against drugs. All of this would lead most people to believe that LSD was the cause of Diane's fatal plunge, but it's not that simple.

There were no witnesses to the alleged drug-taking, and postmortem toxicology reports show that there was nothing unusual in Diane's blood at the time of her death. This means Diane was not on drugs at the time of her jump, and most likely had not taken drugs within 24 hours of her suicide.

This is a very interesting and complex story. For an excellent accounting, go to: